Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Box Break - 2010-11 Panini Certified Blaster (Kyle)

My friend Aaron couldn't come to my B- Day Party, so he got me this. He was complaining it costed him $35. That`s a pretty big rip-off, like a pack of 5 is $11.75, but it has GOOD STUFF in it. Take a look... All cards are for trade.

                               PACK #1

 URGGGGGGG! That much money and only base... luckily there is a thicker pack on the way!
  Base: Holmstrom, Duchene, Phaneuf, Hornqvist and Lucic
                                    PACK #2

Um... This is getting crazy now...

 Base: Lundqvist, Ward, Koivu, Caputi and Horton

                 PACK #3


                               I knew something was wrong when I saw 6 cards. WOW! What a pack! That`s crazy, 3 inserts in a pack! A PACK! Wowzie! Jerseys: Giroux Jersey Blue 022/100 Autograph: Nick Johnson Freshman Signatures 242/250 Inserts/Parallels: Zach Parise Mirror Blue 036/100

 Thanks for checking out the Break!

Friday, 27 May 2011

(Previous) Cam Fowler TTM (Kyle)

 Last year sometime, I got this back from my favourite player - Cam Fowler. This was when he was still with the Spits, and I admired his offensive play, soooooooooooooooo I mailed to him. JTLYK this is a newspaper cutout that I then glued to construction paper. I was so happy when I got this one back. It only took 2 weeks to get back, too. Photo was mailed to the Spitfires.

(Previous) Rick DiPietro from a contest (Kyle)

 This one was from Ryan Marko`s contest, which I won. It`s a great, quality auto that Ryan got IP. Ryan`s got a great website so check it out. (I`ve got the link for it on the right side of my blog: It`s MY TTM HOCKEY AUTOGRAPHS) Thank you Ryan for the card.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

(Previous) Alexander Ovechkin TTM (Kyle)

 W.O.W.! I completely wrote this one off, as it took more than a year to get back, but believe me, it was definetely worth the wait, as it was from one of the greatest snipers in the league! He had an off season this year, but he`ll bite you`re tail next year. I didn`t know if he still signed, so I took the chance and mailed to him, and look here! This is spectacular! I got this one back 2 months ago, and mailed it to his agent.

(Previous) Windsor Spitfires TTM (Kyle)

 Wow! Mr. Robert Gagnon  (Public Coordinator of the Windsor Spitfires) gladly helped me get my team set (Exept for Ryan Ellis, Grant Webermin and Michael MacIntyre) of the Windsor Spitfires signed. Mr.Gagnon was my e-mail pal. I dropped of the package at the WFCU Centre and he did the rest, including the postage to mail it back. This has to be my favourite success so far. I got this a while ago, maybe a month or 5 weeks ago. That was so great opening it to see autographs. Thank you again Mr.Gagnon! Cards were dropped off at the WFCU Centre.

Mike Eruzione TTM (Kyle)

 Sweet! Yesterday I received this beauty in the mail - a Mike Eruzione signed picture. Although it had a few creases, it still looked great because Mr. Eruzione signed in the perfect spot with a marker that would look best on it - A thick silver sharpie. He inscribed " Kyle - Good Luck with 80 Gold on the bottom. What a class act by Mr. Eruzione. This was all for the cost of a simple e-mail. I forgot when 1 sent the e-mail, but I think it was 3 or 4 weeks ago. This is my 4th Eruzione success. I received this yesterday, May 25th, 2011

Previous Results (Kyle)

Hey People! I`ll be posting all my requests that I got before now! (That includes all the ones I got from my cousin also) I`m guessing I`ll be doing a - few - a - day thing now (It`ll depend what mood I`m in), so stay tuned, and thanks for checking out me and Moe`s blog. We appreciate it!!!